Improved productivity outcomes for all users, including:

  • Worker management - reduced work exertion and improved worker comfort (noise, exposure, ergonomics, safety), incentivisation, worker speed matching.

  • Lower operational costs - including machines, maintenance, mechanical staff, overheads, as well as better supply chain predictability leading to improved product forecasting, transport and storage cost savings.

  • Improved crop management - reduced crop damage (reduced row hopping, machine damage, soil compaction and product waste), increased packout and improved quality control (less product exposure, worker damage, time of ground, exposure to oil/pollutants)

  • Yield forecasting - improved management oversight of productivity, sales forecasting and distribution

  • Yield optimisation - management of inputs, long term yield improvement, GPS monitoring

  • Farm management - click of the button reporting for key metrics, customisable solutions, reduced overheads.

  • Semi-autonomous harvest platform with no need for tractor and driver


Transparency and accountability throughout the supply chain

  • Advanced worker management - fair and transparent pay in accordance with regulation, hours of operation, visa compliance, worker identification/recognition

  • Improved industry relations - FairWork, National Union of Workers, WorkSafe, supermarkets, farmers

  • Complete supply chain traceability - recording and forecasting product and inputs (labour, chemicals, water, fertiliser, machines), point of harvest accuracy

  • Quality control - product quality traceable to individual worker/farm/field/row/plant

  • Inventory management - packaging optimisation, chemical stores, product inventory

  • Machine oversight - visibility of machines in operation, their status/battery life/capacity, who is working each machine

  • Tracking at the click of the button


Adaptable solutions that are simple and functional for all users

  • Product adaptability - range of crops, range of harvest machines, range of worker configurations, range of harvest tasks, range of software offerings

  • Customisable solutions for individual farms - working with users to create value add

  • User friendly interface for all users, picker interface, farm management interface, traceability interface

  • Scalable - quick to scale up, reconfigure, remobilise and transport

  • Ongoing on-site training and support solutions (servicing) for continuous operation and improvement

  • Powerful information outputs

  • Simple and functional solutions

  • Easy implementation and support solutions


Safe, innovative and environmentally sustainable farm solutions

  • Reduced product waste - less damage to crops, better supply chain predictability leading to improved product forecasting and resulting in transport and storage cost savings

  • Environmental benefits - battery and solar power, low carbon footprint, no oil/diesel combustion, contamination or emissions, reduced water and chemical consumption

  • Better management of farm inputs - assists forecasting and optimising the use of water, fertiliser, herbicides, pesticides

  • Reduced field damage - improved row clearance, low weight and reduced wheel thickness resulting in less compaction and row damage, workers encouraged to pick individual rows

  • Worker comfort - low noise, low dust, low vibration, ergonomic loading, sun shade, lower exertion/kms walked, improved communication between workers

  • Safe - auto stops, collision detection, field speed control/limiting

  • Recycle - endeavour to reuse or build on existing products where possible (environmental and financial benefits)

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