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CloudFarming has developed a patented system for harvesting hand-picked produce. The CloudFarming FieldBot is a semi-autonomous, solar / battery powered platform that drives itself down rows of produce as workers harvest produce and place it into crates on the platform.

The FieldBot is integrated with an electronic scale and software solution - the FieldApp - so that workers can weigh product as it is picked and the data is streamed directly to a cloud database. Capturing yield data that is worker- and location-specific means that we can help farmers pay Award-compliant piece rates with ease, precisely monitor crop productivity, and develop accurate yield prediction algorithms.

Our system also allows workers to quickly log safety incidents and injuries as they happen via the FieldApp's simple and familiar interface without needing to involve a manager. By collecting data about everyday working patterns and injuries/incidents through the same system, we can begin to understand the key drivers of these incidents right down to the level of individual crop types and farms.


  • The FieldBot is a semi-autonomous harvest platform that is driven by solar and battery powered electric motors.

  • Sensors on the FieldBot enable it to navigate crop rows while  maintaining controlled speed and clearance.

  • The FieldBot moves just ahead of the workers as they harvest the field. The workers are able to place hand-harvested product directly onto the FieldBot.

  • Product is weighed and integrated with a FieldApp software solution that captures and manages all of the data for each worker.

  • Improved harvest process and design for worker ergonomics results in a significant reduction in worker exertion and improvement in worker comfort.

  • Multiple safety feature, including safety sensors, emergency stops, lights and remote alerts.


  • The FieldApp is a software solution that combines real-time harvest data captured by CloudFarming FieldBots with advanced analytics and farm data to provide provide users with transformative farm management and yield analytics.

  • The FieldApp provides instantaneous harvest data from the point of harvest, supply chain transparency and worker payment solutions.

  • Workers interact with a simple tablet user interface on each machine, where harvest data is assigned to individual workers.

  • Farm managers and growers can access a dashboard on their computer or mobile device that shows real-time harvest data, machine and worker status.

  • The FieldApp allows farm managers to communicate with workers in the field by issuing alerts or announcements.

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